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    Richard Midford is an Associate Professor at Australia's National Drug Research Institute, where he coordinates the community prevention research program. He is interested in the development of harm prevention programs in partnership with local communities, prevention of harm in workplace settings, and in the development of effective school drug education. He is involved in the following research: whole-of-community alcohol intervention in regional settings; school-based drug education; community management of school-leaver celebrations; and the impact of alcohol sales restrictions in high-risk communities. He was a member of the research team that developed Australia's national principles for school drug education. He was one of the developers of the School Health and Alcohol Harm Reduction Project (SHAHRP), which received the award for excellence in research at the inaugural National Drug and Alcohol Awards in 2004. This program has now been taken up by schools in a number of Australian jurisdictions.

Geoffrey Munro is director of the Community Alcohol Action Network at the Australian Drug Foundation, an independent, non-government organisation. He is interested in cultural aspects of alcohol use and the role of the community in reducing problems. A former teacher he has extensive experience in the alcohol and drug field, having worked in education, training, community development, and research in government and non-government services. He has managed projects in school and community settings, authored drug education texts and training resources, published on drug prevention policy and practice in peer-reviewed journals, and delivered numerous conference papers. He convenes the International Conference on Drugs and Young People.





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