New & Forthcoming
    Addiction Medicine
Principles and Practice
Edited by Paul Haber, Carolyn Day, and Michael Farrell
Published, November, 2015, $A85.00
    Psychosocial Dimensions of Medicine
Edited by Jennifer Fitzgerald and Gerard Byrne
Published, December, 2015, $A65.00
The Person, The Science, The Clinical Interface
Edited by Patricia Armati with Roberta Chow
Published, February, 2015, $A85.00
    Sexual Health
A Multidisciplinary Approach
Edited by Meredith Temple-Smith
Published, December, 2014, $80.00
    Wound Management for the Advanced Practitioner
Edited by Terry Swanson, Margo Asimus, and Bill McGuiness
Published September, 2014, $A110.00
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